doc::unibi_from_term(3) unibilium doc::unibi_from_term(3)

unibi_from_term - read a terminfo entry for a named terminal

#include <unibilium.h>

unibi_term *unibi_from_term(const char *name);

This function locates the terminfo file for name, then calls "unibi_from_file".

It looks in the following places:

If the environment variable "TERMINFO" is set, it is interpreted as the name of the directory to search for local terminal definitions before checking in the standard place.
Otherwise, "$HOME/.terminfo" is tried.
If that was not successful and "TERMINFO_DIRS" is set, it is interpreted as a colon-separated list of directories to search.
If "TERMINFO_DIRS" is not set, a compiled-in fallback ("unibi_terminfo_dirs") is used instead.

See unibi_from_file(3).

unibilium.h(3), unibi_from_file(3), unibi_terminfo_dirs(3), unibi_destroy(3)

2024-03-17 unibilium-2.1.1