tracker3-export - Export all data from a Tracker database.

tracker3 export [options...] [IRI...]

tracker3 export exports data stored in a Tracker database, in Turtle format. By default all data is exported, if any IRI, only those resources will be printed.

The output is intended to be machine-readable, not human readable. Use a tool such as rapper(1) to convert the data to different formats.

-o, --output-format=<RDF_FORMAT>

Choose which RDF format to use to output results. Supported formats are turtle, trig and json-ld.

-g, --show-graphs

Deprecated. Does the same than --output-format trig.


Helper for migrating data from Tracker 2.x databases. This option takes an argument specifying the scope. Only the “files-starred” argument is available so far.


Outputs the data in a key file format. Only may be used with --2to3

Export all data from Tracker Index and prettify the output using rapper(1).::

$ tracker3 export -b org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files | rapper - -I . -i turtle -o turtle

tracker3-import(1), tracker3-sparql(1).

05/09/2024   3.7.3