tracker3-extract - Extract metadata from a file.

tracker3 extract FILE

tracker3 extract reads the file provided and extracts any metadata it can from this file, then displays the metadata on standard output.

The metadata is displayed as a SPARQL update command, that can be run against a SPARQL endpoint to update its copy of the metadata.

The actual extraction is done by a separate process. This is done to isolate the calling process from any memory leaks or crashes in the libraries Tracker uses to extract metadata.

For more information see the libtracker-extract reference documentation.

-o, --output-format=<FORMAT>

Choose which format to use to output results. Supported formats are sparql, turtle and json-ld.

Using command line to extract metadata from a file

$ tracker3 extract /path/to/some/file.mp3


Controls verbose log output from GLib-based code. Use G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=Tracker to see only Tracker-related logs, or G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all to see everything.


Enables more specialized debug output. Pass a comma-separated list of one or more keywords:


extractor configuration


show statistics about how many files were processed


log the status messages that are published over D-Bus

tracker3-sparql(1), tracker3-status(1), tracker3-info(1).

09/21/2021   3.2.0