DVIHP(1) General Commands Manual DVIHP(1)

dvihp - convert a TeX DVI file to Hewlett-Packard PCL

dvihp [options] dvifile[.dvi]

dvihp translates the given dvifile to Hewlett-Packard PCL using dvicopy(1) then $DVILJ (dvilj4 by default).

In the absence of other options, pipe the PCL to $SPOOL (lpr by default).

Options are recognized from dvips where possible:

print odd pages
print even pages
set debug bits to n (see documentation)
set resolution to n
run as filter
don't print pages after n
manual feed
print n pages
set/change paper offset to a,b mm.
output to s instead of spooling
don't print pages before n.
pass directly to lpr.
verbose operation.
set magnification to n.
write usage summary.

Other options are passed to the dvilj program.

Email bug reports to tex-k@tug.org.

dvicopy(1), dvilj4(1).

December 24, 2009