T1RAWAFM(1) General Commands Manual T1RAWAFM(1)

t1rawafm - produce raw AFM metrics from a PostScript Type 1 font

t1rawafm [OPTIONS...] [font [outputfile]]

T1rawafm generates an AFM file with the information available in a PostScript Type 1 font. The AFM file will lack kerns, ligature information, and composite characters, but is otherwise usable. The AFM file is written to the standard output (but see the --output option). If no input font file is supplied, t1rawafm reads a PFA or PFB font from the standard input.

Send output to file instead of standard output.
Print usage information and exit.
Print the version number and some short non-warranty information and exit.

T1rawafm exits with value 0 if an AFM metrics file was successfully generated, and 1 otherwise.

Adobe Type 1 Font Format, Adobe Font Metrics File Format Specification v4.1

Eddie Kohler (ekohler@gmail.com)

LCDF Typetools Version 2.108