T1DOTLESSJ(1) General Commands Manual T1DOTLESSJ(1)

t1dotlessj - create a dotless-j PostScript Type 1 font

t1dotlessj [OPTIONS...] font [outputfile]

T1dotlessj creates a PostScript Type 1 font whose only character is a dotless 'j' matching the input font's design. It works simply by removing the dot from the input font's 'j'. The output font has three characters: '.notdef', 'space', and 'uni0237', where 'uni0237' is the dotless 'j'. The command fails if the input font already has a dotless 'j' character, or if there seems to be no dot to remove. T1dotlessj writes the created PFA or PFB font to the standard output (but see the --output option); if no input file is supplied, it reads a PFA or PFB font from the standard input.

Send output to file instead of standard output.
Output a PFB font. This is the default.
Output a PFA font.
Set the output font's PostScript name to name. The default is InputFontNameLCDFJ.
Do not generate any error messages.
Print usage information and exit.
Print the version number and some short non-warranty information and exit.

T1dotlessj exits with one of the following values:

A dotless-j font was successfully generated.
The font already contained a dotless-j character.
The font's "j" character had no dot to remove.
The font had no "j" character.
An error occurred.

Adobe Type 1 Font Format

Eddie Kohler (ekohler@gmail.com)

LCDF Typetools Version 2.108