msxlint - detects incorrectly formatted notes lines in a MusiXTeX source file.

msxlint [-v | --version | -h | --help]

msxlint [-d | --debug]... [infile[.tex]...]

If no infiles are specified, standard input is used.

The format that notes commands are expected to match is determined by \instrumentnumber and \setstaffs commands, or uses of the \TransformNotes macro defined in musixtnt.tex (see musixdoc.pdf), or re-definitions of the \vnotes macro. Output consists of messages about format errors, with listings of the ill-formatted lines.

User-defined macros are not processed or expanded. Notes commands (\notes, \Notes, etc.) can have line breaks, but other commands must fit on one line.



This program and manual page were written by Bob Tennent <>.