set_unicharset_properties - set properties about the unichars

set_unicharset_properties --U input_unicharsetfile --script_dir /path/to/langdata --O output_unicharsetfile

set_unicharset_properties(1) reads a unicharset file, puts the result in a UNICHARSET object, fills it with properties about the unichars it contains and writes the result back to another unicharset file.

--script_dir /path/to/langdata

(Input) Specify the location of directory for universal script unicharsets and font xheights (type:string default:)

--U unicharsetfile

(Input) Specify the location of the unicharset to load as input.

--O unicharsetfile

(Output) Specify the location of the unicharset to be written with updated properties.

set_unicharset_properties(1) was first made available for tesseract version 3.03.

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