lstmeval - Evaluation program for LSTM-based networks.

lstmeval --model lang.lstm|modelname_checkpoint|modelname_N.NN_NN_NN.checkpoint [--traineddata lang/lang.traineddata] --eval_listfile lang.eval_files.txt [--verbosity N] [--max_image_MB NNNN]

lstmeval(1) evaluates LSTM-based networks. Either a recognition model or a training checkpoint can be given as input for evaluation along with a list of lstmf files. If evaluating a training checkpoint, --traineddata should also be specified. Intermediate training checkpoints can also be used.

--model FILE

Name of model file (training or recognition) (type:string default:)

--traineddata FILE

If model is a training checkpoint, then traineddata must be the traineddata file that was given to the trainer (type:string default:)

--eval_listfile FILE

File listing sample files in lstmf training format. (type:string default:)

--max_image_MB INT

Max memory to use for images. (type:int default:2000)

--verbosity INT

Amount of diagnosting information to output (0-2). (type:int default:1)

lstmeval(1) was first made available for tesseract4.00.00alpha.

Main web site: Information on training tesseract LSTM:


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