terminiology-helpers - programs that enhance terminology(1)

List directory contents with bells and whistles
Set transparency level of the background.

<opacity> is between 0 and 100.

Change the background image
Display inline a media file or a URI
Display in a popup a media file or a URI
Queue media files or URI to be popped up
Send files to the terminal (useful through ssh)

Terminology provides a number of companion tools to control advanced behavior. They allow in-line and popup display of media files, enhanced file listing, and control over visual appearance.

The escape codes used to implement these behaviors are documented in EXTENDED ESCAPES FOR TERMINOLOGY section of terminology(1).


Terminology was written by Carsten Haitzler <raster@rasterman.com> and others. It is maintained by Boris Faure <boris@fau.re> and others. See AUTHORS file for other contributors.

December 1, 2022