TARSNAP.CONF(5) File Formats Manual TARSNAP.CONF(5)

tarsnap.confconfiguration file for tarsnap(1)

The tarsnap.conf file is read by the tarsnap(1) utility and specifies default options which will be ignored if the options in question are specified at the command line. Options may be specified in /etc/tarsnap/tarsnap.conf and/or ~/.tarsnaprc; if the two files conflict, the user's local configuration takes precedence.

The tarsnap.conf file(s) contain lines consisting of a case-sensitive option name and zero or one parameters depending upon the option. Empty lines and lines starting with a ‘#’ character are ignored.

If a parameter begins with a ‘~’ character, it will be replaced by the home directory of the effective user ID.

The following options may be specified:


Each option is handled the same way as the corresponding --option; see tarsnap(1) for more details. Note that the normalmem and no-* options are only useful in the user-specific ~/.tarsnaprc configuration file, at which point they act to override options set in the global /etc/tarsnap/tarsnap.conf configuration file.

The system global tarsnap.conf configuration file. Parameters specified here only take effect if they are not specified via the current user's local configuration file or via the command line.
The tarsnap.conf configuration file for the current user. Parameters specified here take effect unless they are specified via the command line.


February 10, 2022 Linux 6.7.4-arch1-1