Syncplay Server(1) General Commands Manual Syncplay Server(1)

syncplay-server - server to host syncplay rooms

syncplay-server [options] [file] [playeroptions]

This manual page documents briefly the syncplay-server command.

syncplay-server is a program that syncplay clients connect to and hosts rooms.

To host rooms for viewers via internet, make sure the server can be accessed from the internet, i.e., its listening port is not blocked by a NAT or a firewall.

This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.

Show summary of options.
TCP port to listen for connections.
Server password.
Whether rooms should be isolated.
Disable readiness feature.
Disable the chat function.
Random string used to generate managed room passwords.
Path to a file from which motd (Message Of The Day) will be read.
Enables room persistence. Path is to where a database file should be loaded/create where room data will be written to and read from. This will enable rooms to persist without watchers and through restarts. Will not work if using --isolate-rooms.
Specifies a list of rooms that will still be listed even if their playlist is empty. Path is to where a text file with one room per line. This will require persistent rooms to be enabled.
Maximum number of characters in one chat message (default is 150).
Maximum number of characters in a username (default is 150).
Enable server statistics using the SQLite database file.
Enable TLS connections using the certificate files in path.


February 7 2021