OPENSEARCH-DISCOVER(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation OPENSEARCH-DISCOVER(1)

opensearch-discover - Find an OpenSearch link from a given URL.

opensearch-discover [-q] [-v] [-t TITLE] [-1|-a] [-h] [URL]

Loads the given URL, searches it for a link to an OpenSearch description URL, and prints that URL.

Give no output on errors. In this case, consult the exit code to determine errors (See "DIAGNOSTICS").
Verbose: display titles with links. Combine with -a to see all available searches
Only display links matching TITLE, a case-insensitive perl regular expression. For example, -t book would match Book Search, and -t b.*k would match Book Search or Baby Springbok.
-1, --first
Only display first (matching) link. This is the default.
Display all (matching) links.
Display a short help message.

On success, prints the address of the OpenSearch description file and returns 0.

If it cannot load the given URL, it returns 1.

If the given URL does not contain a link to an OpenSearch description file, it returns 2.

If required perl modules are missing, it returns 3.

Requires modules from libwww-perl and HTML::Parser (Debian package libhtml-parser-perl).

None known. Please report any found to

opensearch(1), opensearch-genquery(1), surfraw(1), WWW::OpenSearch(3pm),

Ian Beckwith <>

Copyright 2006 Ian Beckwith <>

Licensed under the same terms as surfraw.

2020-05-25 perl v5.30.2