squashfuse_ll(1) General Commands Manual squashfuse_ll(1)

squashfuse_llmount a SquashFS archive with low-level FUSE

squashfuse_ll [-o options] archive mountpoint

squashfuse_ll mounts the SquashFS filesystem using FUSE archive on the directory mountpoint. It is generally compatible with squashfuse(1) but it uses the higher performance low-level FUSE interface and it supports multi-threading.

See the squashfuse(1) man page for options. Note that some of the fuse(8) library options are only supported on high-level FUSE and so do not apply. These additional options are also supported, including some that are normally supported only in high-level FUSE:

idle N seconds for automatic unmount
set file owner to uid N
set file group to gid N

squashfuse(1), fuse(8)

June 30, 2023 Linux 6.7.4-arch1-1