SPEEXDEC(1) User Commands SPEEXDEC(1)

speexdec - The reference implementation speex decoder.

speexdec [options] input_file.spx [output_file]

Decodes a Speex file and produce a WAV file or raw file

regular Speex file

Wav file
Raw PCM file (any extension other that .wav)
Will be played to soundcard

Enable perceptual enhancement (default)
Disable perceptual enhancement
Force decoding in narrowband
Force decoding in wideband
Force decoding in ultra-wideband
Force decoding in mono
Force decoding in stereo
Force decoding at sampling rate n Hz
Simulate n % random packet loss
Verbose mode (show bit-rate)
This help
Version information
Deprecated, use --enh instead
Deprecated, use --no-enh instead

More information is available from the Speex site: http://www.speex.org

Please report bugs to the mailing list `speex-dev@xiph.org'.

Copyright © 2002 Jean-Marc Valin

September 2003 speexdec version 1.1