speedtest-cli(1) General Commands Manual speedtest-cli(1)

speedtest-cli - Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net

speedtest-cli [OPTION...]

Speedtest.net is a web service for testing your broadband connection by downloading a file from a nearby speedtest.net server on the web. This tool allows you to access the service from the command line.

Speedtest mini is a version of the Speedtest.net server that you can host locally.

Usage: speedtest-cli [OPTION...]

Help Options

-h, --help

Displays usage for the tool.



Do not perform download test


Do not perform upload test


Only use a single connection instead of multiple. This simulates a typical file transfer.


Display values in bytes instead of bits. Does not affect the image generated by --share, nor output from --json or --csv


Generate and provide a URL to the speedtest.net share results image, not displayed with --csv


Suppress verbose output, only show basic information


Suppress verbose output, only show basic information in CSV format. Speeds listed in bit/s and not affected by --bytes

--csv-delimiter CSV_DELIMITER

Single character delimiter to use in CSV output. Default ","


Print CSV headers


Suppress verbose output, only show basic information in JSON format. Speeds listed in bit/s and not affected by --bytes


Display a list of speedtest.net servers sorted by distance

--server SERVER

Specify a server ID to test against. Can be supplied multiple times

--exclude EXCLUDE

Exclude a server from selection. Can be supplied multiple times

--mini MINI

URL of the Speedtest Mini server

--source SOURCE

Source IP address to bind to

--timeout TIMEOUT

HTTP timeout in seconds. Default 10


Use HTTPS instead of HTTP when communicating with speedtest.net operated servers


Do not pre allocate upload data. Pre allocation is enabled by default to improve upload performance. To support systems with insufficient memory, use this option to avoid a MemoryError


Show the version number and exit

Automatically find closest server and start testing


Specify testing against server 1491

speedtest-cli --server 1491

Testing against Speedtest Mini

speedtest-cli --mini

Please file issues on the Github bug tracker: https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli

This manual page was written by Jonathan Carter <jonathan@ubuntu.com> Speedtest-cli was written by Matt Martz <matt@sivel.net>

2018-01-05 speedtest-cli