SOFTHSM2-MIGRATE(1) General Commands Manual SOFTHSM2-MIGRATE(1)

softhsm2-migrate - SoftHSM v1 migration tool

softhsm2-migrate --db path --token label [--pin PIN --no-public-key]

softhsm2-migrate is a tool that can migrate SoftHSM v1 databases to PKCS#11. The default HSM is SoftHSM v2, but can be used with other PKCS#11 libraries by using the option --module

The SoftHSM v1 database that is going to be migrated. The location of the token database can be found in the configuration file for SoftHSM v1.
Show the help information.
Use another PKCS#11 library than SoftHSM.
Do not migrate the public key.
The PIN for the normal user.
Will use the token with a matching serial number.
The database will be migrated to this slot.
Will use the token with a matching token label.
Show the version info.

A token database can be migrated with the following command:

softhsm2-migrate --db /home/user/token.db --token mytoken

Written by Rickard Bellgrim, Francis Dupont, René Post, and Roland van Rijswijk.

softhsm2-keyconv(1), softhsm2-util(1), softhsm2.conf(5)

20 April 2016 SoftHSM