BUNDLE-VIZ(1) General Commands Manual BUNDLE-VIZ(1)

bundle-viz - Generates a visual dependency graph for your Gemfile

bundle viz [--file=FILE] [--format=FORMAT] [--requirements] [--version] [--without=GROUP GROUP]

viz generates a PNG file of the current Gemfile(5) as a dependency graph. viz requires the ruby-graphviz gem (and its dependencies).

The associated gems must also be installed via bundle install(1) bundle-install.1.html.

viz command was deprecated in Bundler 2.2. Use bundler-graph plugin https://github.com/rubygems/bundler-graph instead.

The name to use for the generated file. See --format option
This is output format option. Supported format is png, jpg, svg, dot ...
Set to show the version of each required dependency.
Set to show each gem version.
Exclude gems that are part of the specified named group.
December 2023