BUNDLE-PLUGIN(1) General Commands Manual BUNDLE-PLUGIN(1)

bundle-plugin - Manage Bundler plugins

bundle plugin install PLUGINS [--source=SOURCE] [--version=version] [--git=git-url] [--branch=branch|--ref=rev] [--path=path]
bundle plugin uninstall PLUGINS
bundle plugin list
bundle plugin help [COMMAND]

You can install, uninstall, and list plugin(s) with this command to extend functionalities of Bundler.

Install the given plugin(s).

Install bundler-graph gem from globally configured sources (defaults to RubyGems.org). The global source, specified in source in Gemfile is ignored.
Install bundler-graph gem from example.com. The global source, specified in source in Gemfile is not considered.
You can specify the version of the gem via --version.
Install bundler-graph gem from Git repository. You can use standard Git URLs like:
When you specify --git, you can use --branch or --ref to specify any branch, tag, or commit hash (revision) to use.
Install bundler-graph gem from a local path.

Uninstall the plugin(s) specified in PLUGINS.

List the installed plugins and available commands.

No options.

Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand.

No options.

How to write a Bundler plugin https://bundler.io/guides/bundler_plugins.html
May 2024