BUNDLE-INIT(1) General Commands Manual BUNDLE-INIT(1)

bundle-init - Generates a Gemfile into the current working directory

bundle init [--gemspec=FILE]

Init generates a default [Gemfile(5)][Gemfile(5)] in the current working directory. When adding a [Gemfile(5)][Gemfile(5)] to a gem with a gemspec, the --gemspec option will automatically add each dependency listed in the gemspec file to the newly created [Gemfile(5)][Gemfile(5)].

Use the specified .gemspec to create the [Gemfile(5)][Gemfile(5)]
Use the specified name for the gemfile instead of Gemfile

Included in the default [Gemfile(5)][Gemfile(5)] generated is the line # frozen_string_literal: true. This is a magic comment supported for the first time in Ruby 2.3. The presence of this line results in all string literals in the file being implicitly frozen.

Gemfile(5) https://bundler.io/man/gemfile.5.html

May 2024