REPO(1) Repo Manual REPO(1)

repo - repository management tool built on top of git

repo [-p|--paginate|--no-pager] COMMAND [ARGS]

show this help message and exit
show this help message with all subcommands and exit
display command output in the pager
disable the pager
control color usage: auto, always, never
trace git command execution (REPO_TRACE=1)
trace outputs go to stderr in addition to .repo/TRACE_FILE
trace python command execution
time repo command execution
display this version of repo
display the path of the top-level directory of the repo client checkout
filename of event log to append timeline to
directory to write git trace2 event log to
submanifest path

Permanently abandon a development branch
View current topic branches
View current topic branches
Checkout a branch for development
Cherry-pick a change.
Show changes between commit and working tree
Manifest diff utility
Download and checkout a change
Run a shell command in each project
Delete a GITC Client.
Initialize a GITC Client.
Print lines matching a pattern
Display detailed help on a command
Get info on the manifest branch, current branch or unmerged branches
Initialize a repo client checkout in the current directory
List projects and their associated directories
Manifest inspection utility
Display overview of unmerged project branches
Prune (delete) already merged topics
Rebase local branches on upstream branch
Update repo to the latest version
Update working tree to the latest known good revision
Stage file(s) for commit
Start a new branch for development
Show the working tree status
Update working tree to the latest revision
Upload changes for code review
Display the version of repo

See 'repo help <command>' for more information on a specific command. Bug reports:

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