REPO(1) Repo Manual REPO(1)

repo - repo overview - manual page for repo overview

repo overview [--current-branch] [<project>...]


Display overview of unmerged project branches

show this help message and exit
consider only checked out branches
consider all local branches

show all output
only show errors

operate starting at the outermost manifest
do not operate on outer manifests
only operate on this (sub)manifest
operate on this manifest and its submanifests

Run `repo help overview` to view the detailed manual.

The 'repo overview' command is used to display an overview of the projects branches, and list any local commits that have not yet been merged into the project.

The -c/--current-branch option can be used to restrict the output to only branches currently checked out in each project. By default, all branches are displayed.

July 2022 repo overview