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repo - repo branches - manual page for repo branches

repo branches [<project>...]


View current topic branches

Summarizes the currently available topic branches.

# Branch Display

The branch display output by this command is organized into four columns of information; for example:

*P nocolor
| in repo

The first column contains a * if the branch is the currently checked out branch in any of the specified projects, or a blank if no project has the branch checked out.

The second column contains either blank, p or P, depending upon the upload status of the branch.

(blank): branch not yet published by repo upload
P: all commits were published by repo upload p: only some commits were published by repo upload

The third column contains the branch name.

The fourth column (after the | separator) lists the projects that the branch appears in, or does not appear in. If no project list is shown, then the branch appears in all projects.

show this help message and exit
number of jobs to run in parallel (default: based on number of CPU cores)

show all output
only show errors

operate starting at the outermost manifest
do not operate on outer manifests
only operate on this (sub)manifest
operate on this manifest and its submanifests

Run `repo help branches` to view the detailed manual.

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