redo-ifcreate - rebuild the current target if source files are created

redo-ifcreate [sources...]

Normally redo-ifcreate is run from a .do file that has been executed by redo(1). See redo(1) for more details.

redo-ifcreate takes a list of nonexistent files (sources) and adds them as dependencies to the current target (the one calling redo-ifcreate). If any of those files are created in the future, the target will be marked as needing to be rebuilt.

If one of the given files exists at the time redo-ifcreate is called, it will return a nonzero exit code.

If you want to declare dependencies on files that already exist, use redo-ifchange(1) instead.

Part of the redo(1) suite.

The original concept for redo was created by D. J. Bernstein and documented on his web site ( This independent implementation was created by Avery Pennarun and you can find its source code at

redo(1), redo-ifchange(1), redo-always(1), redo-stamp(1)

Avery Pennarun <>

2021-07-27 Redo 0.42d