redland(3) Redland RDF Application Framework redland(3)

redland - Resource Description Framework (RDF) Library


#include <redland.h>

redland is a library providing support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) written in ANSI C with APIs in several other languages.

This manual page lists most of the redland public API functions but does not claim to be a complete summary of the entire API. For the complete API with full details of the function interface, see the HTML API documentation either on the Redland web site at or with the software release in the docs/api directory.

The functions defined by redland are all defined with the "librdf_" prefix

The library provides macros for all of the RDF and RDFS concepts - nodes and URIs. For example, "LIBRDF_MS_Alt" for the librdf_node for the rdf:Alt concept and "LIBRDF_MS_Alt_URI" for the librdf_uri for the URI reference of rdf:Alt.

"LIBRDF_URI_RDF_MS" and "LIBRDF_URI_RDF_SCHEMA" provide the librdf_uri objects for the RDF and RDFS namespace URIs. They must be copied using librdf_new_uri_from_uri to be shared correctly.

#include <redland.h>
librdf_storage *storage;
librdf_model* model;
librdf_statement* statement;
librdf_world* world
storage=librdf_new_storage(world, "hashes", "test", "hash-type='bdb',dir='.'");
model=librdf_new_model(world, storage, NULL);
statement=librdf_new_statement_from_nodes(world, librdf_new_node_from_uri_string(world, ""), librdf_new_node_from_uri_string(world, ""), librdf_new_node_from_literal(world, "Dave Beckett", NULL, 0));
librdf_model_add_statement(model, statement);
librdf_model_print(model, stdout);

libraptor(3), libxml(4).

The redland RDF library was created by Dave Beckett in June 2000.

Dave Beckett,

redland 1.0.16 28-Jun-2012