rebuilderd-sync.conf(5) File Formats Manual rebuilderd-sync.conf(5)

rebuilderd-sync.conf - rebuildctl pkgs sync-profile configuration files


This file allows configuring profiles that can be started with a systemd timer or a cronjob. This way you don't need to provide these options on the commandline all the time.


The name of the distro, currently either archlinux or debian.


This is for packages that have multiple suites/repositories, like main, contrib, non-free or core, extra and community.


The architectures of the package list we want to import.


Import specific releases. This option has no effect in rolling-release distributions like Arch Linux but is important for eg. Debian. If the same version is present in multiple releases the package is only imported once.


This is the url we want to import from. For Arch Linux this might look like:
source = "$repo/os/$arch"

maintainers= (optional)

Select packages from specific maintainers. The strings are supposed to match the beginning of the packager field of the packages.
maintainers = ["kpcyrd", "Levente Polyak"]

pkgs= (optional)

Select packages by name:
pkgs = ["rebuilderd", "python-*"]

excludes= (optional)

If a package matches one of these patterns it's always going to be ignored.
excludes = ["tensorflow*"]

Both pkgs= and excludes= support glob patterns. If maintainers= and pkgs= are both not set then every package is selected.

## rebuild all of core
distro = "archlinux"
suite = "core"
architecture = "x86_64"
source = "$repo/os/$arch"
## rebuild community packages of specific maintainers, or allow-list packages by name.
## If no filter is set, all packages are imported, if both filters are set the package only
## has to match one of them to be included.
#distro = "archlinux"
#suite = "community"
#architecture = "x86_64"
#source = "$repo/os/$arch"
#maintainers = ["somebody"]
#pkgs = ["some-pkg", "python-*"]
#excludes = ["tensorflow*"]

Enable the systemd timer to automatically sync specific profiles:

systemctl enable --now rebuilderd-sync@archlinux-core.timer

The argument behind the @ is refering to the section in the config file.

rebuilderd(1), rebuildctl(1).

rebuilderd was originally written by kpcyrd and is hosted at