Rscript(1) FSF Rscript(1)

Rscript - front end for scripting with R

Rscript [--options] [-e expr] file [args]

A binary front-end to R, for use in scripting applications.

An optional expression to be evaluated, used in place of file.
Input file of R expressions
Optional further arguments to be processed by commandArgs in the R interpreter.

--options accepted are

Print usage and exit
Print version and exit
Print information on progress
Where 'list' is a comma-separated set of package names, or 'NULL'

and also options to R (in addition to --no-echo --no-restore), such as

Do save workspace at the end of the session
Don't read the site and user environment files
Don't read the site-wide Rprofile
Don't read the user R profile
Do restore previously saved objects at startup
Combine --no-save, --no-restore, --no-site-file --no-init-file and --no-environ


April 2007 R scripting