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#include <qwt_series_data.h>

Inherits QwtArraySeriesData< QwtOHLCSample >.

QwtTradingChartData (const QVector< QwtOHLCSample > &=QVector< QwtOHLCSample >())
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const override
Calculate the bounding rectangle.

Interface for iterating over an array of OHLC samples

Definition at line 261 of file qwt_series_data.h.



samples Samples

Definition at line 378 of file qwt_series_data.cpp.

Calculate the bounding rectangle. The bounding rectangle is calculated once by iterating over all points and is stored for all following requests.


Bounding rectangle

Implements QwtSeriesData< T >.

Definition at line 391 of file qwt_series_data.cpp.

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