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QwtSplineBasis - An approximation using a basis spline.

#include <qwt_spline_basis.h>

Inherits QwtSpline.

QwtSplineBasis ()
Constructor. virtual ~QwtSplineBasis ()
Destructor. virtual QPainterPath painterPath (const QPolygonF &) const override
virtual uint locality () const override
The locality is always 2.

An approximation using a basis spline.

QwtSplineBasis approximates a set of points by a polynomials with C2 continuity ( = first and second derivatives are equal ) at the end points.

The end points of the spline do not match the original points.

Definition at line 24 of file qwt_spline_basis.h.

Approximates a polygon piecewise with cubic Bezier curves and returns them as QPainterPath.


points Control points


Painter path, that can be rendered by QPainter

Implements QwtSpline.

Definition at line 249 of file qwt_spline_basis.cpp.

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