QwtIntervalSample(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtIntervalSample(3)

QwtIntervalSample - A sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2)

#include <qwt_samples.h>

QwtIntervalSample ()
QwtIntervalSample (double, const QwtInterval &)
Constructor. QwtIntervalSample (double value, double min, double max)
Constructor. bool operator== (const QwtIntervalSample &) const
Compare operator. bool operator!= (const QwtIntervalSample &) const
Compare operator.

double value
Value. QwtInterval interval

A sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2)

Definition at line 20 of file qwt_samples.h.

Constructor The value is set to 0.0, the interval is invalid

Definition at line 41 of file qwt_samples.h.

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