qnapi(1) General Commands Manual qnapi(1)

qnapi - a tool for downloading subtitles for movies

qnapi [options] [list of files]

qnapi is a software for automatic downloading and matching subtitles for the movie files. It can use services like napiprojekt.pl, napisy24.pl and opensubtitles.com.

qnapi works in two modes: GUI and CLI. You can download subtitles just by providing paths to the movie files as program arguments or use graphical interface and perform such an action there.

-c, --console Download subtitles with console
-q, --quiet Download subtitles quietly without showing
any messages or windows (implies -d)

-s, --show-list Show a list of subtitles (works only with -c)
-d, --dont-show-list Do not show a list of subtitles
(works only with -c)

-l, --lang [code] Preferred subtitles language
-lb,--lang-backup [code] Alternative subtitles language
-f, --format [format] Select target subtitles file format
-e, --extension [ext] Select target subtitles file extension

-o, --options Show program options (only GUI)
-h, --help Show help text
-hl,--help-languages List of available subtitles languages

Copyright (C) 2008-2017 Piotr Krzeminski <pio.krzeminski@gmail.com> http://qnapi.github.io

QNapi is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later.

All the issues may be reported using GitHub tracker: https://github.com/QNapi/qnapi/issues