BPSYNC(1) User Commands BPSYNC(1)

mygpo-bpsync - Synchronize BashPodder subscriptions with gpodder.net

mygpo-bpsync (put|get) [device-id]

bpsync is a simple gpodder.net client application for syncing a BashPodder (http://lincgeek.org/bashpodder/) subscription list from and to the web service. As BashPodder uses a simple one-URL-per-line subscription list format, this script can be used with other applications, too (or to simply backup gpodder.net subscription URLs as plain text file).

If you have added a subscription on gpodder.net, you can use the get sub-command to overwrite the local subscription list with the list stored on gpodder.net. If you have added a subscription locally, you can use the put sub-command to overwrite the list on gpodder.net with the list stored in the BashPodder subscription list.

The following environment variables must be set for mygpo-bpsync to work:


Username for the web service


Password for the web service

The following environment variables are optional:


Path to your bp.conf file (default: bp.conf)


Host or URL of the webservice to use (default: http://gpodder.net)

mygpo-bpsync put

Upload bp.conf as device "bp"

mygpo-bpsync get

Download subscriptions for device "bp"

mygpo-bpsync get mydev

Download subscriptions for device "mydev"




February 2013 mygpoclient 1.7