CLEVERCSV(1) Clevercsv Manual CLEVERCSV(1)

clevercsv - CleverCSV command line tool

clevercsv [-h | --help] [-V | --version] [-v | --verbose] <command ...>

CleverCSV is a Python library and command line tool for dealing with messy CSV files. It consists of a number of commands that can be used to analyze, explore, or standardize a messy CSV file.

Further help and documentation can be found online at or

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-V, --version

Show version and exit

-v, --verbose

Enable verbose mode

The following commands are available in CleverCSV:


Generate Python code to import a given CSV file


Detect the dialect of a CSV file


Infer the dialect and open the file in an interactive Python session


Convert a messy CSV file to one that follows RFC-4180


Detect the dialect and open the CSV file using TabView

The CleverCSV package was originally written by Gerrit van den Burg and came out of scientific research on wrangling messy CSV files by Gerrit van den Burg, Alfredo Nazabal, and Charles Sutton. This research was conducted at and supported by The Alan Turing Institute. CleverCSV has since benefitted from a number of open-source contributors on GitHub.

If you encounter an issue in CleverCSV, please open an issue or submit a pull request at Please don't hesitate, you're helping to make this project better for everyone!

1. CleverCSV GitHub repository

2. CleverCSV documentation

3. Wrangling Messy CSV Files by Detecting Row and Type Patterns

2023-09-24 Clevercsv 0.8.2