phosh - Phosh - A phone shell

phosh [OPTIONS...]

phosh is a Wayland shell for mobile devices using GNOME technologies.

Print help and exit
Don't start with screen locked
Start with screen locked, no matter what
Show version information

phosh is configured via GSettings. The core settings are within th sm.puri.phosh schema. See also

Plugins are configured via the sm.puri.phosh.plugins gsettings schema. The lock-screen key enables the plugins on the lock screen e.g.

gsettings set  sm.puri.phosh.plugins lock-screen "['ticket-box', 'upcoming-events']"

phosh honors the following environment variables for debugging purposes:

PHOSH_DEBUG: A comma separated list of flags:
  • always-splash: Always use splash screen when starting apps (even when in docked mode)
  • fake-builtin: Fake a builtin screen when using a virtual output like in a nested Wayland session.

gsettings(1) phosh-session(1)