phosh-session - Session startup script for phosh

phosh-session [OPTIONS...]

phosh-session is the script to startup phosh including required components like the Wayland compositor phoc and an on screen keyboard like squeekboard. The script is rarely invoked by a user but rather activated by a display manager or systemd unit. However it's perfectly valid to e.g. log into a tty and run phosh-session to bring up phosh and needed components.

Print help and exit
Print version and exit

The session script looks at the following configuration files:

  • /usr/share/phosh/phoc.ini: Configuration passed to the compositor
  • /etc/phosh/phoc.ini: Used instead of the above if present

phosh-session honors the following environment variables:

WLR_BACKENDS: The backends the wlroots library should use when phoc launches. See

For debugging purposes you can put environment variables into ~/.phoshdebug which is read at session startup.

phosh(1) phoc(1) phoc.ini(5)