chezdav - simple WebDAV server

chezdav [OPTIONS...]

The chezdav(1) command starts a WebDAV server. This allows clients to access your files, and modify them. A simple Web browser is sufficient to browse for files. The default shared folder is the home directory, but you may specifiy a different folder with the -P option.

-P, --path=PATH

Path to export.

-p, --port=PORT

Port to listen from. By default, a port is allocated randomly.


Listen on loopback interface only.


Listen on all network interfaces.


Don’t broadcast the share on the local network. By default, shares are broadcast with mDNS/DNS-SD (when compiled with Avahi).

-d, --htdigest=PATH

Path to a htdigest file, to secure the server with DIGEST authentication.


The DIGEST realm string (must be identical to the string used in the htdigest file). The default value is "USER’s public share" (where USER is the owner’s username of the current process).

-v, --verbose

Verbosely print running information.


Print program version number.




Failure (syntax or usage error; unexpected error).


chezdav was originally written by Marc-André Lureau.

Main web site:

Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Red Hat, Inc. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (lGPL).