XML::LibXML::Literal(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation XML::LibXML::Literal(3)

XML::LibXML::Literal - Simple string values.

In XPath terms a Literal is what we know as a string.

Create a new Literal object with the value in $string. Note that " and ' will be converted to " and ' respectively. That is not part of the XPath specification, but I consider it useful. Note though that you have to go to extraordinary lengths in an XML template file (be it XSLT or whatever) to make use of this:

<xsl:value-of select="&quot;I'm feeling &amp;quot;sad&amp;quot;&quot;"/>

Which produces a Literal of:

I'm feeling "sad"


Also overloaded as stringification, simply returns the literal string value.

Returns the equivalent of perl's cmp operator against the given $literal.

2023-07-25 perl v5.38.0