Test::More::UTF8(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test::More::UTF8(3)

Test::More::UTF8 - Enhancing Test::More for UTF8-based projects

use Test::More;
use Test::More::UTF8;
# now we can easily use flagged strings without warnings like "Wide character in print ..."
is("\x{410}","\x{420}"); # got a failure message without warnings

This module have reason only for perl 5.8 and higher

This module also switch on by default utf8 pragma. To disable this, add "-utf8" option

use Test::More::UTF8 qw(-utf8);

By default binmode ':utf8' will be done on all output handles: failure_output, todo_output, output. It is possible to choose only some of them

use Test::More::UTF8 qw(failure); # enable :utf8 only on failure_output
use Test::More::UTF8 qw(todo); # enable :utf8 only on todo_output
use Test::More::UTF8 qw(out); # enable :utf8 only on output

Mons Anderson, <mons@cpan.org>

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Copyright 2009 Mons Anderson, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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