Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Align(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Align(3)

Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Align - Draw aligned strings in GD images

[% USE align = GD.Text.Align(gd_image); %]

[% FILTER null;
    USE im  = GD.Image(100,100);
    USE gdc = GD.Constants;
    # allocate some colors
    black = im.colorAllocate(0,   0, 0);
    red   = im.colorAllocate(255,0,  0);
    blue  = im.colorAllocate(0,  0,  255);
    # Draw a blue oval
    USE a = GD.Text.Align(im);
    a.set(colour => red, halign => "center");
    # Output image in PNG format
    im.png | stdout(1);

The GD.Text.Align plugin provides an interface to the GD::Text::Align module. It allows text to be drawn in GD images with various alignments and orientations.

See GD::Text::Align for more details. See Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Wrap for a plugin that allow you to render wrapped text in GD images.

Thomas Boutell wrote the GD graphics library.

Lincoln D. Stein wrote the Perl GD modules that interface to it and Martien Verbruggen wrote the GD::Text module.

Craig Barratt <craig@arraycomm.com> wrote the original GD plugins for the Template Toolkit (2001).

Andy Wardley <abw@cpan.org> extracted them from the TT core into a separate distribution for TT version 2.15.

These modules are looking for a new maintainer. Please contact Andy Wardley if you are willing to help out.

Copyright (C) 2001 Craig Barratt <craig@arraycomm.com>, 2006 Andy Wardley <abw@cpan.org>.

GD::Text is copyright 1999 Martien Verbruggen.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Template::Plugin::GD, Template::Plugin::GD::Text, Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Wrap, GD

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