Template::Plugin::GD::Polygon(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Template::Plugin::GD::Polygon(3)

Template::Plugin::GD::Polygon - Interface to GD module Polygon class

[% USE poly = GD.Polygon;

[% FILTER null;
    USE im   = GD.Image(100,100);
    USE c    = GD.Constants;
    # allocate some colors
    white = im.colorAllocate(255,255,255);
    black = im.colorAllocate(0,  0,  0);
    red   = im.colorAllocate(255,0,  0);
    blue  = im.colorAllocate(0,  0,255);
    green = im.colorAllocate(0,  255,0);
    # make the background transparent and interlaced
    # Put a black frame around the picture
    # Draw a blue oval
    # And fill it with red
    # Draw a blue triangle by defining a polygon
    USE poly = GD.Polygon;
    im.filledPolygon(poly, blue);
    # Output binary image in PNG format
    im.png | stdout(1);

The GD.Polygon plugin provides an interface to GD.pm's GD::Polygon class.

See GD for a complete description of the GD library and all the methods that can be called via the GD.Polygon plugin. See Template::Plugin::GD::Image for the main interface to the GD functions. See Template::Plugin::GD::Constants for a plugin that allows you access to GD.pm's constants.

Thomas Boutell wrote the GD graphics library.

Lincoln D. Stein wrote the Perl GD modules that interface to it.

Craig Barratt <craig@arraycomm.com> wrote the original GD plugins for the Template Toolkit (2001).

Andy Wardley <abw@cpan.org> extracted them from the TT core into a separate distribution for TT version 2.15.

Copyright (C) 2001 Craig Barratt <craig@arraycomm.com>, 2006 Andy Wardley <abw@cpan.org>.

The GD.pm interface is copyright 1995-2000, Lincoln D. Stein.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Template::Plugin::GD, Template::Plugin::GD::Image, GD

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