POE::Resources(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation POE::Resources(3)

POE::Resources - loader of POE resources

# Intended for internal use by POE::Kernel.
use POE::Resources;

POE::Kernel is internally split into different resources that are separately managed by individual mix-in classes.

POE::Resources is designed as a high-level macro manager for POE::Resource classes. Currently it implements a single method, load(), which loads all the POE::Resource classes.

POE::Resources has a public interface, but it is intended to be used internally by POE::Kernel. Application programmers should never need to use POE::Resources directly.

POE::Kernel calls load() to loads all the known POE::Resource modules.

Each resource may be handled by a pure perl module, or by an XS module. For each resource class, load() first tries to load the "POE::XS::Resource::..." version of the module. If that fails, load() falls back to "POE::Resource::...".

See "Resources" in POE::Kernel for public information about POE resources.

See POE::Resource for general discussion about resources and the classes that manage them.

Please see POE for more information about its authors, contributors, and POE's licensing.

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