POE::Filter::Stream(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation POE::Filter::Stream(3)

POE::Filter::Stream - a no-op filter that passes data through unchanged

use Term::ReadKey;
use POE qw(Wheel::ReadWrite Filter::Stream);
  inline_states => {
    _start => sub {
      ReadMode "ultra-raw";
      $_[HEAP]{io} = POE::Wheel::ReadWrite->new(
        InputHandle => \*STDIN,
        OutputHandle => \*STDOUT,
        InputEvent => "got_some_data",
        Filter => POE::Filter::Stream->new(),
    got_some_data => sub {
      delete $_[HEAP]{io} if $_[ARG0] eq "\cC";
    _stop => sub {
      ReadMode "restore";
      print "\n";

POE::Filter::Stream passes data through without changing it. It follows POE::Filter's API and implements no new functionality.

In the "SYNOPSIS", POE::Filter::Stream is used to collect keystrokes without any interpretation and display output without any embellishments.

POE::Filter for more information about filters in general.

The SEE ALSO section in POE contains a table of contents covering the entire POE distribution.

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