POE::Filter::HTTPHead(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation POE::Filter::HTTPHead(3)

POE::Filter::HTTPHead - filter data as HTTP::Response objects

version 0.949

$filter = POE::Filter::HTTPHead->new();
$arrayref_of_response_objects =
$arrayref_of_leftovers = $filter->get_pending();

The HTTPHead filter turns stream data that has the appropriate format into a HTTP::Response object. In an all-POE world, this would sit on the other end of a connection as POE::Filter::HTTPD

Creates a new filter to parse HTTP headers. Takes no parameters, and returns a shiny new POE::Filter::HTTPHead object.

See POE::Filter for documentation of the public API.

Returns unparsed data pending in this filter's input buffer. It's used by POE::Wheel objects to seamlessly switch between filters.

Details may be found in the POE::Filter documentation.

2024-07-13 perl v5.38.2