POE::Component::Client::HTTP::RequestFactory(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation POE::Component::Client::HTTP::RequestFactory(3)

POE::Component::Client::HTTP::RequestFactory - an HTTP request factory object

version 0.949

# Used internally by POE::Component::Client::HTTP

Create a new request factory object. It expects its parameters in a hashref.

The following parameters are accepted. They are explained in detail in POE::Component::Client::HTTP.

  • Agent
  • MaxSize
  • Streaming
  • Protocol
  • From
  • CookieJar
  • NoProxy
  • Proxy
  • FollowRedirects
  • Timeout

Method that lets you query and/or change the timeout value for requests created by this factory.

Accessor for the Streaming parameter

Accessor to the Agent parameter

getter/setter for the From parameter

Creates a new POE::Component::Client::HTTP::Request

Method to retrieve the maximum size of a response, as set by the "MaxSize" parameter to Client::HTTP's spawn() method.

Accessor for the Streaming parameter

Store the cookies from the HTTP::Response parameter passed into our cookie jar

Function to get/set the maximum number of redirects to follow automatically. This allows you to retrieve or modify the value you passed with the FollowRedirects parameter to Client::HTTP's "spawn" method.

This static method is used for parsing proxies. The $proxy can be array reference like [host, port] or comma separated string like ",".

parse_proxy() returns an array reference of two-element tuples (also array ferences), each containing a host and a port:

[ [ host1, port1 ],
  [ host2, port2 ],
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