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Net::HTTPS - Low-level HTTP over SSL/TLS connection (client)

version 6.22

The "Net::HTTPS" is a low-level HTTP over SSL/TLS client. The interface is the same as the interface for "Net::HTTP", but the constructor takes additional parameters as accepted by IO::Socket::SSL. The "Net::HTTPS" object is an "IO::Socket::SSL" too, which makes it inherit additional methods from that base class.

For historical reasons this module also supports using "Net::SSL" (from the Crypt-SSLeay distribution) as its SSL driver and base class. This base is automatically selected if available and "IO::Socket::SSL" isn't. You might also force which implementation to use by setting $Net::HTTPS::SSL_SOCKET_CLASS before loading this module. If not set this variable is initialized from the "PERL_NET_HTTPS_SSL_SOCKET_CLASS" environment variable.

You might set the "PERL_NET_HTTPS_SSL_SOCKET_CLASS" environment variable to the name of the base SSL implementation (and Net::HTTPS base class) to use. The default is "IO::Socket::SSL". Currently the only other supported value is "Net::SSL".

Net::HTTP, IO::Socket::SSL

Gisle Aas <>

This software is copyright (c) 2001 by Gisle Aas.

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