MIME::Field::ConTraEnc(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation MIME::Field::ConTraEnc(3)

MIME::Field::ConTraEnc - a "Content-transfer-encoding" field

A subclass of Mail::Field.

Don't use this class directly... its name may change in the future! Instead, ask Mail::Field for new instances based on the field name!

use Mail::Field;
use MIME::Head;
# Create an instance from some text:
$field = Mail::Field->new('Content-transfer-encoding', '7bit');
# Get the encoding.
#    Possible values: 'binary', '7bit', '8bit', 'quoted-printable',
#    'base64' and '' (unspecified).  Note that there can't be a
#    single default for this, since it depends on the content type!
$encoding = $field->encoding;

MIME::Field::ParamVal, Mail::Field

Eryq (eryq@zeegee.com), ZeeGee Software Inc (http://www.zeegee.com). Dianne Skoll (dianne@skoll.ca)

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