IPC::Run3::ProfPP(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation IPC::Run3::ProfPP(3)

IPC::Run3::ProfPP - Generate reports from IPC::Run3 profiling data

Used by IPC::Run3 and/or run3profpp to print out profiling reports for human readers. Use other classes for extracting data in other ways.

The output methods are plain text, override these (see the source for now) to provide other formats.

This class generates reports on each run3_exit() and app_exit() call.

Returns a new profile reporting object.

Copyright 2003, R. Barrie Slaymaker, Jr., All Rights Reserved

You may use this module under the terms of the BSD, Artistic, or GPL licenses, any version.

Barrie Slaymaker <barries@slaysys.com>
2021-05-24 perl v5.34.0