IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader(3)

IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader - read and process a ProfLogger file

use IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader;

my $reader = IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader->new; ## use "run3.out"
my $reader = IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader->new( Source => $fn );

my $profiler = IPC::Run3::ProfPP;   ## For example
my $reader   = IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader->new( ..., Handler => $p );


Reads a log file. Use the filename "-" to read from STDIN.

This method reads until there is nothing left to read, and then returns true.

Copyright 2003, R. Barrie Slaymaker, Jr., All Rights Reserved

You may use this module under the terms of the BSD, Artistic, or GPL licenses, any version.

Barrie Slaymaker <barries@slaysys.com>
2021-05-24 perl v5.34.0