GnuPG::UserAttribute(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation GnuPG::UserAttribute(3)

GnuPG::UserAttribute - GnuPG User Attribute Objects

# assumes a GnuPG::PublicKey object in $publickey
my $jpgs_size = $publickey->user_attributes->[0]->subpacket_total_size();

GnuPG::UserAttribute objects are generally not instantiated on their own, but rather as part of GnuPG::PublicKey or GnuPG::SecretKey objects.

This methods creates a new object. The optional arguments are initialization of data members;

A scalar holding the value GnuPG reports for the calculated validity of the binding between this User Attribute packet and its associated primary key. See GnuPG's DETAILS file for details.
A scalar holding the number of attribute subpackets. This is usually 1, as most UATs seen in the wild contain a single image in JPEG format.
A scalar holding the total byte count of all attribute subpackets.
A list of GnuPG::Signature objects embodying the signatures on this user attribute.
A list of revocations associated with this User Attribute, stored as GnuPG::Signature objects (since revocations are a type of certification as well).

No useful information about the embedded attributes is provided yet. It would be nice to be able to get ahold of the raw JPEG material.


2024-03-13 perl v5.38.2