GnuPG::SubKey(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation GnuPG::SubKey(3)

GnuPG::SubKey - GnuPG Sub Key objects

# assumes a GnuPG::PublicKey object in $key
my @subkeys = $key->subkeys();
# now GnuPG::SubKey objects are in @subkeys

GnuPG::SubKey objects are generally instantiated through various methods of GnuPG::Interface. They embody various aspects of a GnuPG sub key.

This package inherits data members and object methods from GnuPG::Key, which are not described here, but rather in GnuPG::Key.

A scalar holding the value GnuPG reports for the trust of authenticity (a.k.a.) validity of a key. See GnuPG's DETAILS file for details.
GnuPG's local id for the key.
The scalar value GnuPG reports as the ownertrust for this key. See GnuPG's DETAILS file for details.

A GnuPG::Signature object holding the representation of the signature on this key. Please use signatures (see GnuPG::Key) instead of signature. Using signature, you will get an arbitrary signature from the set of available signatures.

GnuPG::Key, GnuPG::Signature,

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